3 books to read if you like the Harry Potter books

If you like Harry Potter, here are three similar books that I loved.

Steel Victory is the first book in the Steel Empire series by J.L. Gribble, and it’s one of my new favourite books. There’s elves in Book 2, although they don’t quite resemble the house elves from the Harry Potter series.

The Zaniyah Trilogy is more like 3 novellas because the stories are so short. Zoe discovers she’s a witch, goes on a quest to look for her best friend, and faces down an evil wizard. If that doesn’t scream Harry Potter, I don’t know what does. (I got the combined edition for the shop instead of the separate books, because it’s the same price as a single book in the series.)

The Second Mango by Shira Glassman has been a major hit among most of the people in my circle who’ve read it. I’d classify it as LGBT new adult fiction, since the main character is 20. Shulamit’s father recently died, leaving her Queen of Perach. When her girlfriend disappears, Shulamit goes looking for her.

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