3 books with cats

I’ll admit: I use the #catsofinstagram tag a lot. I like posting pictures of my two cats, and people seem to like seeing their pictures. I think a lot people like seeing pictures of cats. Here are four books if you like reading about cats, too.

I read A Street Cat Named Bob, by James Bowen, recently. It’s a memoir about a homeless drug addict who rescued a cat named Bob. Bob ended up saving James because the cat gave James something to live for. He couldn’t afford to overdose or start doing drugs again.

I read The Second Summoning by Tanya Huff awhile back. It’s the second book in her Keepers Trilogy, and there’s a new cat named Sam introduced in the book. It’s a cute fantasy novel with talking cats and people saving the world.

Dewey, by Vicky Myron, came about after Vicky found a kitten shoved down the returns slot for books at the library she managed. She rescued the cat, and the cat enchanted the local townspeople and, later, the world when Vicky wrote a memoir about him.

Cats don’t play as big a role in The Little Bookstore of Big Stone Gap, by Wendy Welch, but they did play a big part in saving her bookstore. Wendy and her husband moved to Big Stone Gap, Virginia, population 5,000, and decided to open a used bookstore after finding a house that could double as a bookstore in the downstairs and an apartment upstairs for them. However, despite a big turnout for their grand opening, sales slowed down after awhile. They picked up though, after an article, with an accompanying picture of Wendy’s husband posing in the bookstore with one of their cats, made the front page of the local newspaper.

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