4 books set in other countries

A couple of years ago, somebody started a Goodreads group for people who wanted to "travel the world in 52 books". We had to choose 52 books set in other countries or by authors from countries. I thought it sounded really neat, so I'm offering 4 books for people who agree.

Jasmine Falling, by Shereen Malherbe, is set in England and Palestine. After Jasmine's mother dies, she must look for her Palestinian father to claim her inheritance. Used, $2.

Bolivar, by Marie Arana, is the incredible true story of Simon Bolivar, the South American Revolutionary who freed several countries from Spanish rule. It's set in modern-day Venezuela. Used, $3.

Malinche's Conquest, by Anna Lanyon, is the true story of a Native American living in South America when the Spanish arrived. Used, $2.

The Green and the Red, by Armand Chauvel, is a novel set in France. A restaurant owner is struggling to keep her business afloat amid threats from a local pork producer trying to get her space to use for a museum. New, $14.99 ($16.95 on Amazon)

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