Best books for the millennial reader

Melissa Eisenmeier

I really liked Malinche's Conquest, by Anna Lanyon. It's the story of how an Australian discovered the story behind Malinche, an indigenous woman from Latin America and Mexico who helped the Spanish conquistadors and was later branded a traitor by Mexicans.

Used, $0.99 

Stan Lee and I both liked The Quelling, by Barbara Barrow. He claimed a copy ages ago, when I brought it home after buying it at the publisher's stall at the local book festival, while I just read it within the last week after getting a copy for Christmas. It's fiction about two sisters who have spent most of their lives in a locked psych ward with a rare disorder called Reactive Attachment Disorder or Attachment Disorder. Their doctor comes up with a scary way to treat them that might or might not work.

New, $18.


I really enjoyed the Steel Empire series by J.L. Gribble. It's alternate history/urban fantasy. In the first book, Steel Victory, Victory, the main character, is a centuries-old vampire who is now on the city council for Limani, an independent city that acts as a neutral buffer between the British and Roman colonies on the new continent. (Stan Lee was too busy enjoying his new Christmas gifts and swatting at the dog running around with his new toys when I read the first three books in the series last year.)

New, $14.95




























































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