Harry Potter and the Potterheads: The Eldritch Heart, So Fey, and Merlin's Moon

Melissa lives in Baltimore with her two cats, Stan Lee and Spencer. She likes Harry Potter, historical fiction (especially if it's set in colonial/Revolutionary War-era America or WW2), and animals.

I’m back with another list of books similar to the Harry Potter books.

The Eldritch Heart, by Matthew Cox, is a staff pick; Stan Lee couldn’t keep his paws off it whenever I sat down to read it. Oona is accustomed to the perks that come with being a princess: a handmaiden, fancy dresses. However, she hates the war her country’s in and that she can’t be with her handmaiden, Kitlyn, because her country worships the God of Purity.


So Fey, edited by Steve Berman, is a magical mix of queer culture and fey folklore.

Like dragons? Then you’ll love Merlin's Moon, by Annabelle Jay!

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