Independence Day, independent publishers

Melissa lives in Baltimore with her two cats, Stan Lee and Spencer. She likes Harry Potter, historical fiction (especially if it's set in colonial/Revolutionary War-era America or WW2), and animals.

This year, we're celebrating Independence Day by celebrating books from independent publishers all month long. These books are published by Curiosity Quills.

1. Steampunk meets theater in A Curse of Ash and Iron, by Christine Norris.

2. A Taste of Death and Honey, by Sharon Bayliss, is very Harry Potter-ish. There's an orphaned teenage girl and magic.

3. Abounding Might, by Melissa McShane, is also kind of Harry Potter-ish. The main character can transport herself anywhere she wants just by thinking about it, a la Apparition.

4. Archon's Queen, by Matthew Cox, has been described as a story about "A powerful psionic woman who's fallen into a trap of drugs and despair finds a second chance at reclaiming her dignity, at the bargain price of losing her soul."

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