Lakota Woman, by Mary Crow Dog

I've been reading Lakota Woman by Mary Crow Dog for the last couple of days and finished it this afternoon. It's the fascinating, tragic, and at times horrifying, true story of a Native American woman.
Mary Crow Dog was sent to Catholic boarding school, where the nuns tried to assimilate her into white culture and Christianize her (it failed). She was raped at 14. Her sister-in-law, Delphine, was found dead in the snow, one arm and one leg broken and tears frozen on her face. Her sister Barb was sterilized against her will while delivering her first child; Barb's daughter only lived a couple hours and she desperately wanted kids. These are just some of the tragic, horrifying things that happened to Mary or the people in her life.
The book ends on a happy note, though: she ends up marrying a man who's in love with her and having a couple of kids with him.

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