Pawsome books boos by pawsome people

Meow meow! Stan Lee the senior ranking bookstore staff cat here. I'm so pawsome that in my honor, I created a list of paw-some books by crazy cat people. Follow the links to purr-chase them today.

Nightly Owl, Fatal Raven by Jessica McHugh is pawsome.  


The Steel Empire series by J.L. Gribble is also pawsome. The books are Steel Victory, Steel Magic, Steel Blood, and Steel Time. Steel Time will be published next month.

The Underside of the Rainbow, by B.E. Burkhead, is poetry. I sat on the book, so you know it's pawsome. Mommy couldn't get a picture of me posing with the book, so here's a picture of me.

Beyond the Baobab by Judith Krummeck is pawsome. It's about one woman's experience immigrating to America from South Africa.


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