Lately, I’ve been fantasizing about a vacation, maybe to Paris or Mexico. Someplace a bit drier than Baltimore would be nice, what with all the rain we’ve been getting lately. Since I can’t afford plane tickets to other countries, I opted for a read-cation: I’m reading books set in other countries.

Malinche’s Conquest, by Anna Lanyon, is set in Mexico. The book chronicles the author’s search for the real story behind Malinche, an indigenous woman infamous for helping the Spanish conquistadors conquer Latin America.

I liked the book. I had never heard of the book or Malinche before, but I can see why Ms. Lanyon was interested in Malinche.

Stan Lee and I both read, and loved, The Island House by Posie Graeme-Evans a couple weeks ago. It alternates between the stories of Signy, a girl living on a Scottish island called Findnar, and Freya, a modern woman from Australia who moves to Findnar after she inherits it from her father.

I read The The Green and the Red by Armand Chauvel a couple weeks ago. Lea owns a restaurant in Brittany, France. The town's biggest pork producer is trying to put her out of business so they can put a museum dedicated to their business there.

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