Spencer's favorite books this week

Hi hi hi! Spencer the junior staff cat meowing at you from my favorite box. Here are my favourite books this week.

I liked An Uncommon Woman. It’s a biography about an uncommon woman. There’s an emperor, princes, and Queen Victoria’s family.

I liked Lily by Michael Thomas Ford. He likes cats. There’s a 13-year-old sold to a circus because she has special gifts in the book. The end.

I liked The Coven by Lucy Jago. A teenage girl living in on a medieval farm has visions. She finds a locket, then her best friend disappears. She has to convince people it’s not her fault he disappeared.

Meow at you later! I’m going back to my nap.

Spencer lives in the Baltimore suburbs with his humans and his big brother, Stan Lee. He likes naps on humans, naps in the sunshine, and long naps in boxes.

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