Spencer's favourite books this week

Hi hi hi! Spencer the junior staff cat here with my favourite books this week.

I loved Granny is My Wingman. I could relate to it, because my granny really is my wingman.... Well, I couldn't relate to the humping in the book (that's Stan Lee's department) or the obsession with sex and boys, but everything else I liked.

I also liked Light of Paris. I purred my way through the book. Purr.

I thought The Coven's Daughter was meow-y good. There were witches and a mystery. 

I thought Lily by Michael Thomas Ford was purr-ty good. 

Gotta go! Meow at you later.



Spencer lives with his humans and Stan Lee in Baltimore, MD. He likes long naps in the sunshine, naps on humans, and naps in boxes.

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