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Stan Lee is now your king. All hail the king.

Melissa Eisenmeier

Stan Lee, our senior ranking staff cat, has declared himself king of the United States of America. His first edict is that everyone shall boycott Amazon and buy books from our website. To make life easier, he’s offering free shipping when you enter his name at checkout. Make sure to spread the word that Stan Lee is the new king.

Here are some books he suggests.

Spinster, by Kate Bolick, was a really good book. The humans and Stan Lee loved it. Used, $5.

Stan Lee loved The Underside of the Rainbow, by B.E. Burkhead so much that he parked himself on it and refused to get off. New, $12.95

Discouraging at Best, by John Edward Lawson, is another book Stan Lee couldn’t keep his paws off of.

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  • All Hail the King !!!!!

    Therese gay

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