Stan Lee recommends

Meow meow! Stan Lee the senior ranking staff cat and most handsome, awesome feline here with some books I recommend. The human couldn't get good pictures of me posing with some of the books I'm recommending, so I included pictures of me to compensate.

The human and I both liked Steel Victory by J.L. Gribble. The human also liked the other books in the Steel Empire series: Steel Magic, Steel Blood, and Steel Time. Her favorites were Steel Magic and Steel Time. The series is urban fantasy/alternate history and follows the stories of Victory, a vampire and retired mercenary; her partner and daywalker, Mikelos; their adopted daughter and foster son, Toria and Kane; and Victory's sire, Asaron. I liked that the books were by a confirmed cat lady. Everyone knows people smart enough to like cats make the best writers. The human liked it because she likes urban fantasy. She also liked the characters of Toria, Victory, and Syri, who shows up at the end of the first book and plays a big role in the second one. (P.S., the author is publishing another book in the series August 8: Steel Shadows. Preorder it by clicking on the link.) New, $14.95 individually or $49.99 bundled for the first four books. $9.99 for Steel Shadows

The human and I both enjoyed The Eldritch Heart by Matthew Cox. Mommy described it as lesbian high fantasy meets romance. There's lots of romance, but not any sex in the book. There's lesbian princesses who don't want to admit they're in love and a king who started a war because he stole a magic eldritch heart. Also, the author is a cat man, which I liked. There weren't any cats in the book, but I liked it anyway. I liked it so much that I couldn't keep my paws off it. Don't I look paw-sitively spectacular laying on Mommy's copy? Mommy liked that the main characters were lesbian princesses and how the book had the author's atheist, liberal views in it. New, $14.99

Mommy and I both liked The Crows of Beara, by Julie Christine Johnson. I liked it so much that I couldn't keep my paws off it when Mommy was trying to read it. I must say, I look ravishingly handsome laying on it. Paw-sitively, absolutely handsome. A woman is fresh out of rehab and goes back to work when she goes to Ireland for work. She's supposed to be promoting a coal mine to the residents of Beara, Ireland. Instead, she meets really fierce opposition from local residents. Then she falls in love with the brother of the woman leading the opposition. The brother is dealing with issues of his own and is reluctant to date, but he falls in love with her, too. I liked that the author is a cat lady. Mommy liked the vivid, almost magical setting and how the brother was an artist. New, $14.99, or used, $2.99

I enjoyed sitting on, and absorbing the text of, Stolen Away, by Kristin Dearborn. I couldn't keep my paws off it when it first arrived. It's urban fantasy where a demon steals a kid. His kid, in fact. He had a one-night stand with a human that ended in a baby, and he doesn't want to share the kid. The main character has to fight to get her kid back from his demon father, and it's not easy. The demon sends minions to possess people and scare the main character into giving up when she starts looking for her son. Mommy said if you're watching the new Charmed reboot, or liked the old Charmed show, you'll probably like this. It reminds her of Phoebe's story arc in the third and fourth seasons, but this is decidedly saucier. There's more sex and drugs. I'm not going to tell you why I liked it. Now scratch me behind the ears and tell me what a handsome, awesome, smart cat, I am.

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