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Stan Lee recommends these as gifts

Stan Lee

Meow meow! Stan Lee the senior ranking staff cat and most handsome, awesome feline here here with some new books I recommend as gifts. The human couldn't get good pictures of me posing with most of the new books I'm recommending, so I included pictures of me to compensate.

I couldn't keep my paws off Discouraging at Best, by John Edward Lawson. It's poetry by a cat man smart enough to realise what a handsome, smart cat I am. That's why I like his poetry.

I liked The Little Bookstore of Big Stone Gap by Wendy Welch. So did the human. It's a memoir about a couple who starts a bookstore. Also, there's cats. The best part were the cats. The second best part was the bookishness.

The human and I both enjoyed The Eldritch Heart by Matthew Cox. There's lesbian princesses and a king who stole a magic eldritch heart. Also, the author is a cat man. There weren't any cats in the book, but I liked it anyway.

I enjoyed sitting on, and absorbing the text of, Stolen Away, by Kristin Dearborn. It's urban fantasy where a demon steal a kid. His kid, in fact. He had a one-night stand with a human that ended in a baby and doesn't want to share the kid. I'm not going to tell you why I liked it. Now scratch me behind the ears and tell me what a handsome cat I am.

Stan Lee lives in Baltimore with his humans. He likes head scratches, feather toys, and being the center of attention.

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