Teen Voices: Luminosity, by Annabelle Jay

Luminosity by Annabelle Jay is intriguing, to say the least.  It’s the fifth book in the Sun Dragon series, but it’s readable as a standalone.  It follows the story of a transgender girl who is struck with the responsibility of saving the entire world from incubi, a demonic race intent on destroying Earth.  In that sense, Luminosity is action-packed and has several major plot twists that reveal themselves throughout the story, despite its comparatively short length.

However, the tale of sacrifice and Luke (the central character) learning to control her powers as an Artist is not the only focus of the novella.

Luke struggles with identity and relationship issues throughout the story, including a semi-accidental relationship with a girl who believes her to be a cisgendered boy.  Some of these relationships seem a little stretched, including a relationship picked up within two minutes of knowing the other girl, but are just realistic enough to not distract from the overall story.

From a queer perspective, the identity struggles give a powerful insight into what trans individuals struggle through on a daily basis.  Although not intended as a be all and end all to how trans people view their own experiences, it provides a bit of much-needed perspective for those who fall on the other end of the spectrum.
Though Luminosity is a short read, it’s a good one, and is well worth anyone’s time.

Gwen is a sophomore attending Biotechnology High School in Freehold, New Jersey. She loves to read, paint, and research quantum mechanics in her free time.


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