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The best books to buy as gifts, according to Spencer

Melissa Eisenmeier

Hi hi hi! Spencer the pawsome junior staff cat here.

Here are some pawsome books I recommend you buy as gifts. They're pawsome. Buy one of these books now- there's free shipping and the humans are offering a 75% discount on the new books if you use promo code Stan Lee. Meow.

I liked From Here by Jen Michalski so much I had to meow at you to read it. Meow. There's short stories.

I thought Curse of Ash Iron by Christine Norris was meow-y good. Meow. It's steam punk. The human described it as Harry Potter meets theater.

Mr. Wicker by Maria Alexander was purry great. Meow. There's amnesiacs and psychiatric hospitals with kids who whisper to a mysterious figure called Mr. Wicker.

I need to get back to napping on a pile of dirty laundry now. Meow at you later!

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