The Vampire Innocents, by Matthew Cox

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The Vampire Innocent series by Matthew Cox is not at all a typical vampire series in the best of ways.

The stories follow the misadventures of a teenage girl named Sarah who wakes up in a morgue, turned into a vampire right before her death.  At first, she’s unaware of what happened to her, but has to learn to accept her new status and all of the powers-as well as dangers-that come with it.  Sarah’s relatability, her sass, and her sometimes humorous take on serious topics keep the reader entertained.

Plus, it’s surprisingly refreshing to read a vampire series that is not exclusively focused on bloodsucking boyfriends.  Although romance plays a role, there’s a lot of focus on worldbuilding and the biology of vampires, as well as various difficulties that come along with being turned.  As someone who loves to read about the little details that make up a person’s life, it’s interesting to read this thorough take on what a teenage vampire could actually look like.

And anyways, who could not be amused by somebody whose response to stress is to make a ton of vampire puns?

Each novel in the series has its own unique plot, and although I would highly recommend reading them all in order, could probably be read as standalones.  If you’re looking for a fast-paced but intriguing series, the Vampire Innocent series is definitely the one for you.

Gwen is a sophomore attending Biotechnology High School in Freehold, New Jersey. She loves to read, paint, and research quantum mechanics in her free time.

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