The Zaniyah Trilogy, by Kelly Ann Jacobson

My heart fell when Mother Shipton, the cat in The Zaniyah Trilogy, was kicked across a room by a cruel, evil wizard and barely breathing. I’m currently reading it in preparation for my BookTube with the author next week.

In case you couldn’t tell, Mother Shipton is my favourite character in the book.

(That's not actually Mother Shipton; it's a cat from a local animal group called Saving Grace Animal Rescue up for adoption. This cat looks like how I picture Mother Shipton, and yes, she's up for adoption. If you'd like to adopt her, click this link

The Zaniyah Trilogy was originally published as a 3-book series, then eventually the trilogy combined into a complete, 132 page book. I opted for the combined book for the shop, because the price for that was the same as one of a single book in the series. It’s very Harry Potter-ish: there’s evil wizards, magic, and teenage angst.

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