4 bookish books

“Bookish” books are all the rage right now. By bookish books, I mean ones where books, bookstores, libraries, and/or writers play a key role. Here are some of the fun ones we have in stock.

My Salinger Year, by Joanna Rakoff, is the true story a young, aspiring poet who got a job at J.D. Salinger’s literary agency. Joanna Rakoff spent her days in a wood-paneled office and surrounded by Dictaphones, answering Salinger's fanmail.

Wigtown, Scotland could be described as a bookworm’s paradise because they have the most bookstores of any town. Shaun Bythell owns The Bookshop, Wigtown’s largest used bookstore, and he’s garnered quite a following with his snarky, funny, occasionally off-color comments, both in person and on The Bookshop’s Facebook page. Diary of a Bookseller, by Shaun Bythell, is his story.

Stan Lee couldn’t keep his paws off Bleaker House, by Nell Stephens. It’s a memoir about a woman who got a grant to travel anywhere in the world to write a novel, and chose Bleaker Island at the bottom of the earth. Instead, she came home with a memoir.

Wendy Welch and her husband, Jack, opened Tales of the Lonesome Pine in Big Stone Gap, Virginia, after moving to town. The bookstore opened to a lot of fanfare, then almost didn’t make it. The Little Bookstore of Big Stone Gap is the memoir of how they opened a bookstore in the age of Amazon and lived to tell the story. So far, myself and everybody I’ve met loves it, feline or human.

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