5 books by cat people

Hi hi hi! Spencer the junior staff cat  here. I like cat people, and I like books by cat people. Here are some books by pawsome cat people. Click on the titles; I included links in them to make it easier for you.

I liked The Tourist Trail by John Yunker. The author is a confirmed cat man. It's set in Patagonia. There's a biologist at a penguin research center in a remote part of the world. When a strange man washes ashore and refuses to tell the biologist anything, she falls in love with him anyway. New, $13.99

Forgetting English by Midge Raymond is a collection of short stories. It's purrfect for reading in between naps, which is good, because naps are important. There's a biologist in Antarctica and a businesswoman in the islands of the South Pacific. The author is a confirmed cat woman. New, $13.99

The human liked The Little Bookstore of Big Stone Gap by Wendy Welch a lot. If you like cats and books, it's purrfect book for you. It's a memoir about a couple that opened a bookstore in a small town in Virginia, and everything that goes along with that. Their bookstore cats and dogs are mentioned in the book. New, $24.99

The Dragon Keeper by Mindy Mejia is pawsome, just like the author. There's a zookeeper trying to save Jata, the Komodo dragon in her care. Jata is part of an endangered species, and when Jata lays eggs, the zookeeper, Meg, has to defend the hatchlings from religious and scientific people. New, $18.95

Steel Victory by J.L. Gribble is another book the human liked a lot. The author is a confirmed cat person; she has siamese cats. In the book, there's a vampire and retired mercenary named Victory; her daywalker, Mikelos; and their adopted daughter, Toria. Victory has to balance the supernatural and natural in her role as city council member, while Toria has to balance her life as an apprentice mercenary and college student. New, $14.95

Because the human had a hard time convincing me to get out of the box I was dictating this blog from and pose with the books, here are some bonus pictures of me.



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