Bookish trend to follow: short story and essay collections

The new bookish trend to follow is short story and essay collections. Spencer, our junior staff cat, likes them  because they're purr-fect for reading in between naps (and he takes a lot of naps). Click on the titles for links to buy.

Spencer Pants, as our junior staff cat known to fans, is especially fond of Forgetting English, by Midge Raymond. This prize-winning collection gets bonus points because it's published by a cool independent publisher called Ashland Creek Press. (The humans at Carpe Librum love the staff cats at Ashland Creek Press. Just don't tell our cats that.) In the stories, the characters range from a businesswoman looking for refuge in the South Pacific to a biologist in Antarctica who must confront who they are and who they're supposed to be. Spencer Pants gave it 4 paws up because the author is a confirmed cat lady. New, $12.99


Stan Lee, our furry, dark, and handsome senior ranking staff cat, liked Discouraging at Best by John Edward Lawson so much that he couldn't keep his paws off it when it first arrived. It's a set of 5 interlocking horror stories. There's lots of apathy, greed, and the self-inflicted hardships of middle class families racing to get ahead. Stan Lee gave it four paws up for manipulation and bizarro literature. (He's a master manipulator, which is probably why he liked this book.) New, $14.99

Men Explain Things to Me, by Rebecca Solnit, is the only book in this post not staff-cat approved. However, the humans think Stan Lee and Spencer would like it if they gave it a chance. It's a collection of essays on feminism; the title essay is a scathing, funny take on what frequently happens in conversations between men and women. Other essays in the book tackle Virginia Woolf's embrace of mystery; ambiguity; and marriage equality. New, $9.99 




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