#girlssupportinggirls: an adventure in reading

Lately, I’ve been reading a lot of books by other women, in part because #girlssupportgirls. It's been a really fun, interesting adventure, and even though I like books by guys, too (Dear America by Jose Antonio Vargas was positively swoon-worthy), it’s nice to support other women. It sort of feels like a special tribe of book-loving women. Here are some of my favourites.

I read The Quelling by Barbara Barrow about two months ago. It’s about two sisters, Addie and Dorian, who have spent most of their lives in a locked psych ward with a rare disorder called Reactive Attachment Disorder. Then Addie gets pregnant, ostensibly to replace the family she lost, and it looks like their nurse Ellie is the only one looking out for their best interests. Their psychiatrist wants to try a controversial and possibly extremely dangerous therapy that he’s convinced will cure the girls. Stan Lee liked it, too- in fact, he liked it so much that he couldn’t keep his paws off it long enough for me to list it on the website and take pictures for social media. New, $15.99


I loved the Steel Empire series by J.L. Gribble. My favourites were Steel Magic and Steel Time, but the other two books so far in the series are good, too. Each book has a different theme. Steel Victory, the first in the series, focuses more on Victory, an 800-year-old vampire and her role on the city council and her relationship with her daywalker, Mikelos, and their adopted kids, Toria and Kane. The second book, Steel Magic, focuses more on Toria and Kane, since they’ve graduated from college and are now apprentice mercenaries, and therefore more independent. Steel Blood is focused a lot more on Victory, since she takes a job while Toria and Kane are traveling as part of their jobs as apprentices. Steel Time comes full circle, with Toria and Victory working together on a job when Toria gets sucked back in time. New. $14.95 individually, or $49.95 bundled

I liked Stolen Away by Kristin Dearborn. Tricia is a single mom to 4-year-old Kourtney and 2-month-old Brayden. When the baby disappears, Kourtney claims a monster took him and Tricia has to face the fact that the one-night-stand that resulted in Brayden was with a demon. She looks for a little while for her son, but things are pretty dangerous, what with the Russian Mafia coming after Tricia’s ex while he helps her look for Brayden and the demon sending minions after Tricia and occasionally hurting or killing them. Stan Lee liked it, too; he kept sitting on the book after the first copy arrived. New, $14.95



I really liked The Crown of Zeus by Christine Norris. 13-year-old Megan has to move from NYC to the London suburbs after her father gets a promotion. At first, Megan thinks her life is falling apart- the staff at the mansion where her dad’s company puts them up seems distant, and the teachers at her new school don’t seem to like her. Then she invites a couple classmates over for a weekend sleepover, and the girls get sucked into a book and go on a wild adventure. New, $8.99

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