Like poetry? We have three books for you.

Lately, it seems like all my friends are writing and reading poetry. I’m getting back into it too, after over a decade of not reading or writing any. Here are three cool poetry collections we’ve discovered in the last few years. Click the titles for links to buy the books.

Love Rhymes With Everything by Kat Von Cupcake and Dana Feagin is really cool because it combines poetry, art, and animals. There’s art of cats, dogs, and even goats by Dana Feagin. The poetry, by Kat Von Cupcake, is animal-themed. Stan Lee hasn’t given it his purr of approval yet; I suspect it’s because he’s not the center of attention in the book, and there’s dogs in the book. (He hates dogs almost as much as he hates not being the center of attention.)
The humans still think it’s interesting that the book combined art, poetry, and animals, however.

Stan Lee is extremely fond of Discouraging at Best by John Edward Lawson. In fact, he’s so fond of Discouraging at Best that he couldn’t keep his paws off of it when it first arrived. So far, Stan Lee’s been pretty quiet about why he likes this particular poetry collection, but I think I know why: Lawson seems like a cat man and he probably senses that. Stan Lee seems to have a sixth sense for that sort of thing, even if he’s never met a person, and he really likes cat people.

An Exorcism of Angels by Stephanie Wytovich is by a fellow dog lover, and she seems pretty cool on social media (she’s a witch and posts pictures of her adorable dog somewhat frequently), so I was intrigued enough to buy some of her poetry. Interesting tidbit: her poetry is classified as horror poetry. I’d never heard of that until a couple months ago, but apparently it’s a thing.

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