Stan Lee recommends

Meow meow! Stan Lee the senior ranking staff cat here to recommend some books for you. I’m very smart and very good at what I do, so you need to buy one of these books pronto.

The human liked The Second Mango, by Shira Glassman. There’s a Jewish princess with food allergies trying to find her missing girlfriend. Also, you learn how to say stuff like dirty pig in Yiddish from the book, which the human thought was really cool. (She was using that a lot for awhile. She also started calling me a handsome mensch, which is also a word she learned from the book. Mensch is Yiddish for good man.)

Me and the human both thought The Island House by Posie Graeme-Evans was pawsome. There’s a grad student who travels to a remote Scottish Island to find out why her dad died there and starts seeing visions of dead people.

I liked the Crown of Zeus by Christine Norris because there’s gods. Just like me. Except the gods in the book are Greek, not feline, and they’re not as handsome as I am. Also, there’s teenage girls who have a sleepover and a minotaur.

Lily of the Nile by Stephanie Dray was cat-tacular. It’s about Cleopatra’s daughter, and what happens to her and her siblings after their mom kills herself via poisonous snake. Also, there’s a cat. I liked it because the Egyptians worshipped cats. I like being worshipped.

Stan Lee is the spokescat and co-owner at Carpe Librum. He likes head scratches, feather wands, and lounging in the sunshine.















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