Stan Lee's favourite books this week

Meow meow! Stan Lee the senior ranking cat and handsome feline god here with my favourite books this week. Follow the links to purr-chase some of these books on the Carpe Librum website today.

I liked Bolivar by Marie Arana. It’s the true story of a guy who freed a bunch of countries from Spanish rule. Very dramatic.


I parked myself on Discouraging at Best by John Edward Lawson and wouldn’t get off. That’s when you know it’s a good book. It’s poetry by a human who knows what an extremely smart cat I am. I like that in a human. Unfortunately, the way I was posing, my humans couldn’t get any good pictures of me with this book or the next one, so I included extra pictures of me and the books.

I also parked myself on The Underside of the Rainbow by B.E. Burkhead. It was so good I refused to get off so the human could take pictures. It’s poetry by someone smart enough to be a cat man.

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