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Our Bookish Lives

3 books on the immigrant experience

Posted by Melissa Eisenmeier on

Like most millennials, I support immigrants and immigrant rights. Here are 3 books on the immigrant experience.  Beyond the Baobab, by Judith Krummeck, is a chapbook of essays about the immigrant experience. It was a fascinating peek into the modern immigrant experience. Triangle: The Fire That Changed America, by David von Drehle, is the tragic story of the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire, one of the worst workplace disasters in America. A lot of the employees who were working that day were immigrants from Italy and Russia; a lot of Russian Jews fled persecution that was somewhat similar to what Hispanics and...

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Stan Lee's favourite books this week

Posted by Stan Lee on

Meow meow! Stan Lee the senior ranking cat and handsome feline god here with my favourite books this week. Follow the links to purr-chase some of these books on the Carpe Librum website today. I liked Bolivar by Marie Arana. It’s the true story of a guy who freed a bunch of countries from Spanish rule. Very dramatic.    I parked myself on Discouraging at Best by John Edward Lawson and wouldn’t get off. That’s when you know it’s a good book. It’s poetry by a human who knows what an extremely smart cat I am. I like that in...

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