The Revolutionary Reader

Melissa lives in Baltimore with her two cats, Stan Lee and Spencer. She likes Harry Potter, historical fiction (especially if it's set in colonial/Revolutionary War-era America or WW2), and animals.

"Books are the greatest weapons in the world. Arm yourself." - Dr Who

If you live in Baltimore, you've probably heard of Red Emma's Bookstore. It was named after Emma Goldman, the Emma in Sasha and Emma, by Paul Avrich. This is the story of two Jews who immigrated to America from Russia at the turn of the century. The persecution they faced turned them into the early 19th century version of today's social justice warriors. New, $19.95.

Bolivar, by Marie Arana, is the story of Simon Bolivar, South America’s version of George Washington. He freed six countries from Spanish rule during the 19th century, traveling more than 75,000 miles to do so and becoming the greatest figure in Latin American history. Used, $3.

Triangle: The Fire That Changed America, by David von Drehle, is the tragic, horrifying, and true story of the fire at the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory, along with some of the reforms that had been attempted prior to the fire and the events leading up to that day. Used, $2.

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