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The Reluctant Commander, by Richard Patton

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Twenty two year old George Washington was pleased by his promotion to the rank of lieutenant colonel and quite content to be the second-in-command of Governor Robert Dinwiddie's expedition to remove the French from the Ohio Valley. But now, Joshua Fry, the mission's elderly commanding officer, was dead in a fall from his horse and Washington has suddenly become the Reluctant Commander of the Virginia Regiment at a remote field in the Allegheny Mountains called Great Meadows. Book Two of the Neophyte Warrior series* continues the story of a young man beleaguered by the onerous duties of his office and by the tribulations of a land about to erupt in conflict. The battle at Great Meadows will be the opening salvo of the French and Indian War and the military debut of the young man who is about to have his first, but certainly not his last, baptism of fire. 
The Neophyte Warrior series chronicles the adventures, romances, and growing pains of a Virginia militiaman George Washington during the French and Indian War.