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Hail to the Cheat, by Ted Venetoulis

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A bizarre tale about the wife of a President who demonstrates what it really means to be a woman scorned. Shocked and disappointed to uncover Presidential debauchery, White House corruption, and a massive global profiteering scheme, the First Lady finds herself in the Oval Office standing between her husband's chicanery and the world's safety. She is in constant battle with a presidential press secretary who proudly claims to be world's greatest con artist; a United States Senator who believes the path to heaven is by way of a guided missile armed with a nuclear warhead; and a political consultant who is to slogans what Einstein is to math. With the help of a handful of former first ladies - or their ghosts, no one is quite sure -- the First Lady manages to take over the White House only to find herself frantically struggling to outmaneuver a mob of angry protesters, the gang of presidential cronies, and her naive, inept and horny husband who is mostly enjoying the aphrodisiac of power. Hail to the Cheat is an amusing but not totally far-fetched spoof of the impulsive and outlandish nature of American politics with an ending unlike any in the long annals of the affairs of state. 

Used. Good condition. Some wear and tear to the bottom of the book. Price marked in pencil by seller.