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Love Rhymes With Everything, by Kat von Cupcake & Dana Feagin

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Love Rhymes With Everything, by Kat von Cupcake & Dana Feagin

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In Love Rhymes with Everything, you’ll meet sanctuary animals and beloved pets, rescues and strays now living in peace among their own, or in forever homes with their human families. You’ll meet cows and pigs, dogs and fish, chickens and ducks, cats and goats—and many more.

You’ll see the beautiful faces of these exquisite creatures captured by Dana Feagin’s whimsical paintings, and you’ll hear their voices in Kat von Cupcake’s affecting poetry. In this collection of rescued and beloved animals, you’ll learn that, for these fortunate animals, love truly can conquer all—and, with all proceeds from this book benefiting animal rescue organizations, that love stretches far beyond these pages.

In this unique collaboration, artist, poet, and publisher have volunteered their time, skills, and resources to create a book that will delight and entertain as well as benefit animal rescue organizations. Every penny from the sales of Love Rhymes with Everything will benefit animals. 

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