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Mistress of the Art of Death, by Ariana Franklin

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Mistress of the Art of Death, by Ariana Franklin

In Cambridge, four children have been murdered. Wrongly accused of the crimes, a small community of Jews threatened by Catholic mobs is given sanctuary by Henry II. To assist in proving their innocence, he summons an expert in the science of deduction and the art of death. She is Adelia, a prodigy from the Medical School of Salerno, and an anomaly in a medieval world, who is forced to conceal her identity and her purpose from England's grave superstitions and condemnation. One man willing to work with her is Sir Rowley Picot. His personal stake in the investigation makes him an invaluable ally - and in Adelia's eyes, a suspect as well. From navigating Cambridge's perilous river paths to penetrating the dark shadows of the Church, Adelia's investigation wil not only reveal the secrets of the dead, but in time, the far more dangerous ones buried by the living. 

Used. Acceptable condition. Wear and tear on the corners and bottom of the book.

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