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Never Suck a Dead Man's Hand, by Dana Kollman

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With plenty of insider's insight--and without pulling any punches--Dana Kollmann introduces the real science and the actual process of crime scene investigation as she recounts her life as a CSI in all its fascinating and gritty detail. Whether explaining rigor mortis or insect infestation rates, speeding to an accident scene or cautiously entering a crime scene, she shows what it's really like to work in the front lines as a forensic expert. With an eye for detail, and a frank and often witty voice, Kollman allows readers to cross the crime-scene tape, and visit a world most civilians never knew existed--letting them see and smell the bodies, hear the bugs and walk through dozens of cases. Never Suck a Dead Man's Hand will offer a perspective as informative as it is irreverent, and is the first real look at the day-to-day life of a crime scene investigator.

Used. Acceptable condition. Wear and tear on the corners, side, and top of the book.