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Paloma (Shelter Pet Squad #3), by Cynthia Lord

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There's a big surprise for the Shelter Pet Squad: A group of sato puppies has arrived! Satos are homeless dogs -- of various breeds -- from Puerto Rico. The kids will help them settle in until they are ready for adoption. 
Suzannah plays with a pup named Paloma until the little dog falls asleep in her lap. It's puppy love! 
That's why it's hard, the next week, when a line of people forms at the shelter to adopt the satos. Suzannah should be happy that Paloma will soon have a new home. The only problem is... she's not ready to let the dog go.
Is there any way for Paloma to get adopted without breaking Suzannah's heart? 

Used. Good condition. Some wear and tear. Some damage to the bottom of the dust jacket. Price sticker for $16.99 on the back of the book from previous seller.