The Zaniyah Trilogy, by Kelly Ann Jacobson

The Zaniyah Trilogy, by Kelly Ann Jacobson

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In Part One: Dreamweaver Road, Zoey, a sixteen year old farm girl with magical powers, does not know the extent of her abilities or how she got them. When her best friend is kidnapped by a wizard named Danger, she runs away from home and begins a quest to find him. On the way, she meets Angela, a witch who can see the future through dreams; Mother Shipton, her loyal cat sidekick; Will, a man who claims to be immortal; and Red, a dragon with a grudge. 

In Part Two: Two Dragons, Zoey and Will must go on a quest into the Forest of Madrian to steal a magical object that might save Angela's life, but will they be able to steal it from the creature Krte and get back to the cottage on Dreamweaver Road in time? 

As Danger, the evil wizard, marches on Dreamweaver Road in Part Three: The Battle, Zoey, the good witch, must seek help from the spirit world by using a meteor from their planet kept in the Museum of Natural History. The spirits, however, give her devastating news: one of her friends will not live through the battle. Zoey rushes home in time to fight Danger's army, but will her powers, along with those of the nymphs, dragons, and one knight, be enough to stop him?