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Tracks, by Eric D. Goodman

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Journey by train from Baltimore to Chicago via the perspectives of a diverse array of passengers. They are the strangers we meet every day: a soldier slowly losing her faith in the war, a businesswoman learning to balance her job and the family she loves, a computer geek-turned-criminal, a Holocaust survivor finding hope in facing his fears, couples in love, a man dealing with the death of his parents, a poet hunting for inspiration, and a hit woman with a job to finish before the train arrives at its destination. Watch as these and other characters' lives and stories seamlessly link and intersect, quietly shaping and changing one another.

From nefarious goings-on in a Fells Point row house to prestigious partying on Federal Hill, Goodman's Baltimore is immediately recognizable and real. The stories in TRACKS stand alone, but they become stronger when linked together. A secondary character in one story becomes the main character in the next.

Used. Good condition. Some wear and tear, particularly on the bottom and bottom right corner of the book. Price marked in pencil by previous seller.